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Join our elite team of freelance bridal hair & make-up specialists

Once a year the Flossy & Leigh family looks to expand their highly talented and super-friendly team, and invites a shortlisted number of applicants to an induction day.

On this Recruitment/Induction day, it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your work and allows us to see how you interact with fellow team members. We also get the opportunity to demonstrate and explain our methodology and company ethos.

“Be so much more than just another hair & makeup artist”

We only recruit the highest qualified professionals, that possess that particular warmth and ‘Je ne sais quoi’ personality skills that our company has become so famously renowned for.

You must be warm, nurturing, caring and creative… And occasionally have to possess the patience of a saint! We look for exceptional communication skills; friendly but professional, relaxed, but disciplined…and above all, you have to genuinely love wedding work.

It is our belief that although there are a large number of hugely talented artists out there, BUT, being a ‘Bridal Specialist’ requires an entirely different discipline, not just in the technical sense, but the artist’s whole character and interpersonal skills.

In order to be shortlisted to attend our induction day, with a view to joining our small teams, you simply need to send an initial letter of application that introduces yourself and explains any relevant experiences and interests.

Along with the initial letter of application, you MUST first of all also include BOTH a copy of Photo Identification and a Professional License, Diploma/Certificate.

PLUS two pieces of the following professional Criteria

  • Business Card with name and specific profession,
  • Editorial Page with name credit
  • Publication Masthead or Program/press Materials with name
  • Company Letterhead
  • Crew/Call List
  • Professional Letter of Reference of Employment.
  • We will then forward some further information with regards to company policy as well as the official application form.

Please send all applications to: Shuttleworth Mead Business Park Business 1st Ribble Court Padiham Lancashire BB12 7NG.

Our Annual Recruitment Induction Days take place every October/November (All applications must be received by 1st December).

‘Restricted use of photos – staff reminder’

NB) All team members are kindly reminded that all images acquired on any jobs with the Flossy and Leigh group, belong to the company, and cannot be used for personal website, social media or private portfolio purposes, as stipulated both by the client and company agreement.